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commissioned work

Valerie Lennon is a master at taking an idea and turning it into art.

  • For grandparents wanting to capture a family gathering
  • For brides wanting to capture their magical day
  • For commercial interior designers wanting a custom original to use as a master for prints in hotels or restaurants

To begin the conversation, consider the finished painting size, the subject matter and the color palette.

Cost estimates:

  • 30 x 40"  original commissioned work $2,900
  • 36 x 48"  original commissioned work $3,500

Shipping is free.

commission process

Contact Valerie with the concept or event you want to capture.

Valerie will share ideas on composition, colors, poses -- all the artistic elements needed to bring the concept to life. The two of you will agree on the finished size and the price for the commissioned art.

You'll see sketches of the work, to be sure Valerie's idea is on track. When the sketches are approved, she'll begin painting.

You'll see photographs of the completed work; once you approve, you'll make your final payment and Valerie will ship the painting to you.


Ready to consider commissioned work?

Provide some details and Valerie will give you a quote